Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Namur, the capital of Wallonia, is the city that I travel to by bus every day for school and where I go occasionally on the weekends with friends. Luckily, it is only about fifteen minutes away from my house. It's a very "typical" European ville, with cobblestone streets, brick buildings, and lots of restaurants and cafes. I am very fortunate to live so close to a city because Belgium has lots of country side. It is very small compared to Philadelphia, but I have found some great little spots and it is common to see people that you recognize passing you on the street. Even though I really do miss the trees and forests of PA, it has been great to live everyday in an urban setting. It's a different life here, but that doesn't mean it's a bad life! These are just a few photos of Namur that I have taken since my arrival in Belgium.

View of part of the city from the Citadelle de Namur.
(August 29, 2012)

An important building of which I forget the name.
(August 28, 2012)

My friend Callie (from Texas!) sitting in the park in Namur.
(September 23, 2012)

Leave it to the birds.
(September 23, 2012)

Callie monkeying around under the bridge that crosses the Sambre River.
(September 23, 2012)

En fin, a waffle was eaten. And yes, they do deserve the hype!
(September 15, 2012)