Monday, April 9, 2012

some news

It's weird how plans fall together so quickly. Just a few months ago, studying abroad was just an idea being thrown around. Now, as of a few weeks ago, I have discovered that I will be spending my senior year of high school studying abroad in Belgium. And, thanks to the Speedwell Scholarship, it will be free of cost. When I got the call from AFS on March 22, after I screamed like a man, I realized that my life would be incredibly different in a year's time.

The application process was somewhat interesting. Several papers and documents were needed to complete the application, including a handful of signatures from doctors, teachers, and school officials. Each time I told these people that I was planning on studying abroad, a variety of reactions occurred. Some were supportive, some were surprised, and some even appeared to be amused. Even more so, some were confused. I think the most common question that has been asked is simply, "Aren't you scared?"
Yes, I am scared. I am nervous. I am hesitant. But, more importantly, I am also excited. I have no expectations for this coming year, and I can only hope that this state of mind will enure the best experience possible.

Along the way, I hope to post photos and posts of my journey. I will not do this to boast and brag about my experiences, but to simply show what's going on. There are so many things to see, and I want to share at least a tiny glimpse on this blog. Feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, etc

As for now, I wait for four more months before I leave the U.S! I hope to make these last few months very memorable with a combination of close friends, the outdoors, and good conversation. Belgium...see ya soon.

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  1. Happy birthday Skyler! Hope your Belgium birthday is a blast!